Our Solutions

Call Masking Solution

Connect your customers with your team, without revealing their phone numbers via Patch In-App call masking feature. With Patch, never ever pay for call masking again, as it’s our default feature. This also means no virtual number buying costs and no buying of local country numbers.

Contextual Calling Solution

Business can display context of the call over call-screens to their users. Hence, the context of the call is predetermined thus the call success ratio can be reached at its maximum.

Communication Loop Solution

We will try to reach via in-app calling to make sure your cab driver/rider/delivery partner reaches out to the customer or we can fallback to PSTN and if the end user does not pick up the call, an in-app notification will be sent. Our system will ensure that your employee never waits.

Asset Monetization Solution

Use our Incoming call screens to run rich media campaigns for your users. Promote your business, partners and brands via Video, GIF, Image and Scratch Card templates which are shown on incoming calls. Monetize those call screens.

Call Branding Solution

Via business branding feature, Patch enables an authentication layer over the call screen, between the business and the end user that ensures the authenticity of the calling party. It improves call success ratio by building trust factor towards the brand.

Missed Call Solution

The end user misses the call hence there is no way to call back. In this case an actionable notification is sent to the user via Patch that enables call back or chat option to the user.

Instant Customer Engagement

Via Patch your product champions have an option to instantly intervene and connect with your website/app visitors via chat or call without breaking the user experience that means while the customer is checking out your website or app, a product champion can be in touch to support him.

Cost Center Solution

While you will have to let communication flow via voice calls, push notifications and chat between your users, delivery partners and support people, use Patch’s innovative In-App calling SDK’s to save costs on ancient number masking techniques.

The Patch USP's

Voice calling is the ability to contact and converse with people in real-time with a telephone. By speaking to business partners, teams and customers you can troubleshoot, gauge tone, and engage in personalized conversation.

World's Lightest SDK

Common SDK for Voice, Chat and Actionable Push Notifications for all Android, IOS & Web platforms

Superior Quality

Best Voice quality, call success ratio & minimum latency

Optimal Resource Consumption

Minimal memory, CPU and power usage

Best Singaling Channels

Multi-layer signaling architecture, maximum reachability

Minimal Integration Effort

Sign up and integrate our SDK in less than 5 minutes, No UI and No Audio handling required

Extensive Insights

Real-time detailed insights on your dashboard