Organizations in the financial sector have mostly transitioned to virtual call systems for their business communication. It gives them access to novel features, scalability options, and it is highly cost-effective.

Patch can benefit financial sectors companies in various ways through its universal SDK such as preventing users from scammers and impersonators, More positive outcomes in deal closure through automated voice technology, Call monitoring through analytics and detailed reporting etc.


Ensuring user security & preventing phishing attacks


User Security

Connect your customers with agents and specialists, without revealing their phone numbers via Patch In-App masked calls


Instant User Engagement

Patch system doesn't need a phone number or any personal details of the web user to initiate a phone call, ensuring user privacy at all times.


Missed Call Solution

Enable missed call notifications so that user gets a way to call back in case of missed calls

Asset Monetization.png

Monetizing An Asset

Monetize your customized call screen with options like video, gif, full-image etc. which lets you upsell or cross sell and promote your business.


Call Conferencing

Embed call conferencing feature into your web and mobile app to enable multiparty communication.


Call Branding & Context

Promote your brand over the customizable call screen or show the context of the call to get the authenticity of the call cleared