Texting is common in dating apps, but embedded voice calling in the app is revolutionizing the dating industry and every nook and cranny of the social app world.

From small, intimate private chats with friends to In-App calling innovators are finding that voice interactions are increasing in-app user engagement while keeping user privacy (especially women) in mind, as they hesitate in sharing their contact numbers to strangers they're meeting over the internet.

Integrating features like In-App calling, monetizing the customizable call screen through rich media templates and promoting premium plans is also creating social connections and driving revenue for the social apps.

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Keep conversations private and communicate seamlessly within the app


In-App Calling

Connect your dating partners without revealing their phone numbers and maintain privacy with Patch In-App Calling


International Numbers

Enable In-App communication using international numbers all around the world and keep the conversation private

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Rich Media Driven Template

Monetize your customized call screen with options like video, gif, full-image etc. which lets you promote your subscription plans


Notification Campaigning

Organize and control Patch notification campaigns that can shoot millions of notification altogether