HealthTech & Wellness companies require a robust communication network so that they can serve the community efficiently. Virtual phone systems are an ideal solution as they are convenient, hassle-free, and enriched with novel features.


Enabling Patch's SDK can help HealthTech companies to accurately transfer the call to the right department for instant health support, Customize CLI's for setting up client appointments, Shorter call wait time for clients, Automatic call records of client health records.

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Connecting users to their health and wellness consultants

Call Masking

Connect your customers with your trainers & specialists, without revealing their phone numbers via Patch call masking feature.

Web to App Calling

Integrate our web SDK inside your website/CRM and mobile SDK (Android/iOS) inside rider/end user app

App/Web Chats

Improve your customer support system by integrating our SDK's and empower real time messaging inside web and mobile app

Rich Media Driven Template

Monetize your customized call screen with options like video, gif, full-image etc. which lets you upsell or cross sell and promote your business.

Call Conferencing

Embed call conferencing feature into your web and mobile app to enable multiparty communication.

Notification Campaigning

Organize and control Patch notification campaigns that can shoot millions of notification altogether