The Role and Impact of VoIP Communication in Various Industries

During the past decade, the communication habits of people have changed tremendously.

Technologies such as internet calling, e-mail, mobile telephony, and SMS messaging have become an important part of every-day communication for the majority of the people in developed countries. Emerging technologies such as In-App calling, instant messaging, push-to-talk, and different types of VoIP services are currently being taken into use in the markets. All of these technologies are generally serving the same purpose, the inherent desire of people to communicate with each other.

Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology is the new way of communication for businesses and companies across the globe have been opting VoIP communication to attain the growth. It can help organizations in multiple ways such as speed, flexibility, customizations, high returns.

Let us find out how VoIP services help organizations in various industry vertical:

1. Ride Hailing

Ride Hailing businesses need proper coordination and an accurate delivery of information across all levels of their businesses to stay competitive. With the use of a powerful communication channel like Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) system it can be accomplished. Here are some ways a VoIP solution can help organizations in the Ride Hailing functions:

  • Streamlining operational workflow and contextual calling.

  • Measure and improve rider performance through call recording.

  • Improving productivity to empower their mobile workers and increase their bottom line.

  • Managing their businesses in a seamless way through VoIP features.

  • Follow up on any missed customer calls automatically.

2. HyperLocal Commerce

Hyperlocal industry is now a budding arena that caters to customers by providing the products of their daily needs. Hyperlocal delivery start-ups and services have a high innovation quotient; hence the industry has majorly adopted Internet phone numbers for higher productivity. Here are the various ways VoIP communication can benefit the HyperLocal businesses:

  • Reducing outbound and inbound calling expenses to clients

  • Minimizing waiting time for customers to order as they are directed to available agents

  • Enabling mobile-friendly features to provide a holistic customer experience

  • Virtual numbers allow agents to attend multiple calls simultaneously

3. E-Commerce

Online business websites and E-commerce transactions are immensely popular nowadays. Most E-commerce firms utilize VoIP telephony systems for better productivity and task flow management. It helps in dealing with customer issues in a proactive manner and boosts availability. Here are certain specific ways that VoIP systems empower ecommerce companies:

  • Allowing agents to attend multiple calls simultaneously.

  • Customized cloud-based platform to keep in touch with clients.

  • Reconnecting with prospects via web to app marketing.

  • Real time insights to make follow-ups easier.

  • Promoting products, services, new offers and schemes using Rich media templates that can shoot millions of ads over call screens altogether.

4. Supply & Logistics

VoIP can help companies gain the competitive edge by creating a system of seamless communication. If you are a business where you have to streamline the arrival of goods with onsite service delivery personals then VoIP SDK can help. Here are certain advantages of adopting VoIP communication systems for Supply Chain organizations:

  • Reduction in delivery time and cost and an increase in productivity.

  • Inbuilt features like escalation calls incase if someone doesn't respond to a customer call is a major use case for a Supply Chain organization.

  • Call routing to the available agent or relevant party.

  • Better delivery closure.

5. Banking & Finance

Organizations in the financial sector have mostly transitioned to virtual call systems for their business communication. It gives them access to novel features, scalability options, and it is highly cost-effective. Here are some ways a VoIP communication solution can help organizations in the Banking & Finance function:

  • Preventing users from scammers and impersonators.

  • More positive outcomes in deal closure through automated voice technology.

  • Call monitoring through analytics and detailed reporting.

6. Health & Wellness

HealthTech & Wellness companies require a robust communication network so that they can serve the community efficiently. Virtual phone systems are an ideal solution as they are convenient, hassle-free, and enriched with novel features. Here are certain advantages that the healthcare industry can benefit from by adopting virtual phone numbers:

  • Transferring the call to the right department for instant health support.

  • Customizable CLI's for setting up client appointments.

  • Shorter call wait time for clients.

  • Automatic call records of client health records.

7. Online Marketplace

An online marketplace is a community, and communities require communication.

Vendors and buyers have to be able to communicate with each other, and all of them need to be able to communicate with you. Here are some advantages that online marketplace can accrue by investing in VoIP technology:

  • Connecting buyers with sellers and making peer to peer selling simpler.

  • Comprehensive VoIP communication allows you to start a call in one click seamlessly, with the context

  • Maintaining the user privacy without breaking the user experience.

8. Dating & Matrimonial

Texting is common in dating apps, but embedded voice calling in the app is revolutionizing the dating industry and every nook and cranny of the social app world. From small, intimate private chats with friends to In-App calling innovators are finding that voice interactions are increasing in-app user engagement while keeping user privacy (especially women) in mind, as they hesitate in sharing their contact numbers to strangers they're meeting over the internet. Here are the various ways through which VoIP solutions can benefit dating & matrimonial sector:

  • Integrating features like In-App calling.

  • Monetizing the customizable call screen through rich media templates and promoting premium plans is also creating social connections and driving revenue for the social apps.


VoIP services are an asset that can enable businesses to gain a competitive edge. The best part about VoIP technology is that it is not industry-specific; hence companies from various industrial domains can successfully adopt this innovative platform for better communication. VoIP communication serves as the perfect solution for all your business needs. Any organization that makes or receives a high volume of calls daily will definitely be benefited by adopting VoIP communication. Usual PSTN calls result in a more collaborative way where there is higher visibility and easier data sharing between company and end users but using VoIP systems, can sort the negative impact out.