What is VoIP Communication?

Unlike the old classical style of communication where businesses used to use traditional phone lines, VoIP communication is the new normal in the Telecommunication Industry. Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology is the new way of communication for businesses and companies across the globe have been opting VoIP communication to attain the growth. In fact, the VoIP market is expected to touch 60 billion USD by the year 2026, a figure that clearly depicts its popularity.

Any kind of organization – a new start-up, mid-sized business or a big multi-national company can take benefit by opting VoIP services. It can help organizations in multiple ways such as speed, flexibility, customizations, high returns. Not only that VoIP services can help businesses in massive cost savings, as they can reduce local phone bills by 50%.

Advancement of VoIP Technology:

VoIP technology usually refers to the In-App communication but with the passage of time VoIP technology has evolved itself into further more innovative ways such as:

VoIP for Calling

VoIP calling is the ability to contact and converse with people in real-time with a personalized experience. Since the calls are not routed via any phone number, the customer’s information remains safe and private. VoIP calling lets you integrate voice calling capabilities inside any app. These calls are directly connected to the end user. That means, a delivery partner will be able to call an app user from within the app, without having to spend money on a voice call. With the ever evolving technology a VoIP system has features like Virtual numbers, Call conferencing, Call recordings, Call tracking etc.

Chats interface with VoIP calls

From direct messages to group conversations, Chat SDKs help teams and businesses to collaborate fluidly and efficiently from anywhere and since such interfaces can have VoIP call buttons this makes this service even more potent. Chat SDKs also enable web chats amid your team and end user. It is responsive as well as end to end encrypted i.e. most secure way in privately and securely online.

VoIP for Notifications

VoIP notification campaigns help you to communicate with your customers about company news, policy updates, pressing business issues, upcoming events and real time Alerts. You can even make on-the-spot announcements over the millions of devices altogether. Organize and control notification campaigns launching billions of notifications altogether. Actionable push notification (one of the advanced notification features) lets your user take action without opening the app. On the other end, enabling missed call notifications provides an option for the merchant so that the user gets a way to call back in case of missed calls.

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Advantages of VoIP

  • Lower cost – Many consumers have realized substantial cost savings and lowered their call bills by over 50%.

  • Security – Every call and message is end-to-end encrypted in VoIP communication hence it's secured for all the parties associated with the call/message.

  • Superior quality – Best Voice quality, call success ratio & minimum latency

  • Extraordinary features – Leverage premium features such as call masking, call recording, call queues, chats, actionable push notifications, rich media templates.

  • Simple integration efforts – Integrate VoIP SDKs in less than 5 minutes. No technical setup is required.

  • Trackability – Since all the conversations happen within the app, with context hence it can be tracked as and when required.

  • Call anyone worldwide – VoIP calls lets you call anyone worldwide reducing the high rates of usual International calls.

Disadvantages of VoIP

The only disadvantage VoIP system has is that it requires a high-speed internet connection. You’ll need at least 100 kbps (0.1 Mbps) per device to communicate efficiently.


Many people may consider VoIP technology to be complex, expensive, and unsecure. However, that is far from the truth, and these are just myths. The entire world has realized the power of this emerging technology, and most business firms are avoiding traditional calling systems and moving towards cloud telephony. It is high time to get on board with VoIP calling systems as they can transform business operations by automating all communication tasks.

So, research all the available options in the market, and connect with a credible VoIP phone service provider. You can customize a personalized solution for your organization that works best for your industry. This will help you inspire trust in your customer base, and enhance your business reputation. Novel business features, economical calling plans, and personalized service will ensure escalated performance parameters in every field and enhance revenues to the greatest heights!