Discover what you need to build a robust and effective communication stack


Voice calling is the ability to contact and converse with people in real-time with a phone. By speaking to business partners, teams and customers you can troubleshoot, gauge tone, and engage in personalized conversation.


VoIP Calls

Use our customized robust machine servers to enable crystal clear voice in VoIP calls


Call Recordings

Track and record all the calls happening at your end


PSTN Calls

An API that is fully compatible to connect users and improve call success ratio


Virtual Number

Use our default virtual numbers for free


Call Masking

Control your calls from getting spammed or reported via our Call Masking feature


Call Conferencing

Seamlessly transfer a call from one to one or one to many parties


From direct messages to group conversations, Patch's Chat SDK helps teams and businesses collaborate fluidly and efficiently from anywhere.


Web Chat

Enable web chats amid your team and end user other than the outdated bot option


In-App Chat

Enable mobile friendly chats from the end user side as well


End-to-end Encryption

Communicate in the most secure way in privately and securely online.


Use Patch notification system and communicate with your customers about company news, policy updates, pressing business issues, upcoming events and real time Alerts. You can even make on-the-spot announcements over the millions of devices altogether.


Notification Campaigning

Organize and control notification campaigns launching billions of notification altogether

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Actionable Push Notification

Actionable push notification lets your user take action without opening the app


Missed Call Notification

Enable missed call notifications so that user gets a way to call back in case of missed calls

Rich Media Driven Templates

Use Patch's innovative Rich Media Driven Templates to monetize your customized call screen with options like video, gif, full-image etc. which lets you upsell or cross sell or promote your business.


Mutliple Template Options

Use multiple template options such as gif, video, full-image to promote

Customized Dialer.png

Customized Dialer

Customize your dialer with your brand related themes, colors and features


Call Branding & Context

Promote your brand and display context of the call over call-screen and get the authenticity cleared

The Patch USP's

The perceived benefits of Patch which makes businesses consider it as the most reliable cloud telephony solution of Asia

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World's Lightest SDK

Common SDK for Voice, Chat & Notifications for all Android, IOS & Web platforms

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Superior Quality

Best Voice quality, call success ratio & minimum latency


Optimal Resource Usage

Minimal memory, CPU and power consumption


Best Singaling Channels

Multi-layer signaling architecture, maximum reachability


Minimal Integration Effort

Integrate our SDK in less than 5 minutes, No UI and No Audio handling required


Extensive Insights

Real-time detailed insights on your dashboard