Using Patch can help companies gain the competitive edge by creating a system of seamless communication which will eventually lead to a reduction in delivery time and cost and an increase in productivity.

If you are a business where you have to streamline the arrival of goods with onsite service delivery personals then Patch SDK can help.

Our SDK's can be integrated with third party logistic company's Apps to streamline workflows. Inbuilt features like escalation calls incase if someone doesn't respond to a customer call is a major use case for a Supply Chain Organization.

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A robust structure that strengthens supply chain management


Call Masking

Connect your customers with suppliers without revealing their phone numbers via Patch call masking feature.


Optimal Call Routing

Route voice call to your customers, suppliers & logistics partners within few milliseconds via Patch's multilayer signaling architecture

Asset Monetization.png

Rich Media Driven Template

Monetize your customized call screen with options like video, gif, full-image etc. which lets you upsell or cross sell and promote your business.


Call Conferencing

Embed call conferencing feature into your web and mobile app to enable multiparty communication.


Missed Call Solution

Enable actionable push notifications so that user gets a way to call back or route the call to other parties in case of missed calls


Call Branding & Context

Promote your brand over the customizable call screen or show the context of the call to get the authenticity of the call cleared