Patch for Ride Hailing

Connect your customers with drivers and customers, without revealing their phone numbers via Patch call masking feature. With Patch, never ever pay for call masking again, as it’s our default feature. This also means no virtual number buying costs and no buying of local country numbers.


Patch for HyperLocal

Platforms have been bringing merchants from all over the region. While a user is able to discover a merchant via the platform, the platform might not be in a position to know if an order was ever placed. Well with In-App communication that changes and we at Patch are innovating for this.


Patch for E-Commerce

Patch's SDK allows you to communicate, converse, notify your customers about your products, offers, new plans and schemes or even to upsell or cross sell using our various communication channels and features.


Patch for Supply & Logistics

Establish hassle free and seamless communication amid your consumers and logistic partners via Patch with context at a fraction of cost and scale your business globally with ease.


Patch for Banking & Finance

Connect your customers with agents and specialists, without revealing their phone numbers via Patch In-App masked calls. Share branding of your business with context of the call to the user and get you authenticity clear.


Patch for Health & Wellness

Keeping the user experience in mind convert your trial users into premium customers via Patch In-App calling and chats options. Connect your trainers, nutritionists & specialists to end users at a fraction of cost.


Patch for Marketplace

Connect your buyers and sellers with Patch In-App communication seamlessly without revealing their phone numbers and track calls while keeping user privacy in mind. Make peer to peer selling easier then before and control the spams and imposters


Patch for Dating & Matrimonial

Texting is common in dating apps, but embedded voice is revolutionizing the dating industry and every nook and cranny of the social app world.

But due to the active presence of scamsters and imposters the users (especially women) feels insecure in using dating platforms or sharing their contacts over there.